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Cuomo: New Yorkers 65 and older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that New Yorkers who are 65 or older are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, "effective immediately." 

The federal government has said people 65 and older and the immunocompromised should eligible to be vaccinated. Cuomo said New York state will follow that guidance. 

It opens eligibility to 7 million New Yorkers, CBS New York reports, but the state still only receives 300,000 doses a week.

"I urge patience as unfortunately there are far more eligible NYers than there is vaccine supply from the federal gov," Cuomo tweeted.

There was a line outside the Brooklyn Army Terminal vaccine hub in New York City recently, there was a line. Residents in category 1B, which includes first responders and education workers, waited eagerly to get their COVID-19 shots. 

"Opening up huge centers like this 24/7 was a really smart move, really smart," said Veronica Najhar of Park Slope, Brooklyn.

But not everyone is as optimistic. Eddie Garcia said he still has been having major issues when trying to book his slot for a shot.

"I've been trying since day one when they said it was open. I can't get in," federal law enforcement officer Eddie Garcia said. "I've done the computer, the phone. I've done everything." 

During an expected oversight meeting on Tuesday, the City Council will determine if the city is doing everything in its power to safely and efficiently vaccinate New Yorkers as quickly as possible. There are calls to streamline the process and add more vaccine sites, including 24/7 operations.

"We undoubtedly need to significantly expand supply of vaccines from manufacturers," Councilman Mark Levine said.

"We all know for the last eight and a half months that a vaccine was coming. We new that millions of people had to be vaccinated. Why are we just now figuring out where and how to administer it?" Councilwoman Carlina Rivera added.

The mayor is promising that by the end of the week, every borough in New York City will have one 24/7 vaccination clinic set up.

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