Andrea Sneiderman Update: Ga. woman deleted texts, phone calls from husband's killer, investigator says

Andrea Sneiderman in court during the trial of the man accused of murdering her husband
CBS Atlanta
Andrea Sneiderman in court during the trial of Hemy Neuman, who was found guilty but mentally ill in the killing of Schneiderman's husband.
CBS Atlanta

(CBS) DECATUR, Ga. - Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of an entrepreneur gunned down outside a suburban Atlanta preschool in 2010, erased cell phone logs chronicling phone calls and texts between her and her boss on the day of her husband's killing, an investigator with the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office testified Wednesday, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Furthermore, investigator Mark Potter says texts to and from her boss before the day of the murder had not been deleted from Sneiderman's blackberry.

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Sneiderman, a mother of two, was arrested in August 2012 and accused of conspiring with her former boss, Hemy Neuman, to kill her husband, Dunwoody businessman Russell "Rusty" Sneiderman on Nov. 18, 2010.

Neuman, who admitted to the killing, was found guilty but mentally ill and sentenced in March 2012 to life in prison. Andrea Sneiderman, who denies involvement in the murder, has pleaded not guilty and her defense team is currently arguing to dismiss some of the charges against her.

Assistant District Attorney Anna Green Cross argued on Wednesday that Andrea Sneiderman lied and concealed from investigators that she knew her husband had been killed before police told her. Cross also argued that Andrea lied about her relationship with Neuman, CBS Atlanta reports.

The defense refuted the prosecution's allegations.

Lawyers for Andrea Sneiderman have argued that 13 of the 16 counts against their client lack specificity, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. They also are fighting to subpoena Neuman's ex-wife and the defendant's in-laws. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams reportedly indicated he will make a decision regarding those matters within the next two weeks.

Andrea Sneiderman's trial is scheduled to begin July 29.

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