Anderson Cooper's Pick: Kings of Congo

Why are central Africa's magnificent, intelligent mountain gorillas being slaughtered?

Thumping his chest, grunting loudly, and rising up on his hind legs, a 400-pound male silverback mountain gorilla charged at Anderson Cooper during a reporting assignment in central Africa in 2007. But Anderson kept his cool as this massive creature showed his human visitors that he was the boss of this forest family of 20 female and baby gorillas.

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Anderson and producer Bob Anderson went to the Congo and nearby countries to find out why the mountain gorillas were being slaughtered and why an entire family of these "gentle giants" had recently been massacred in such a gruesome manner. They found that the gorillas - who are among our closest animal relatives - are the victims of both war and poverty in a country that has too much of both.

The stunning 60 Minutes story that Anderson found among these mountain gorillas - "Kings of the Congo" - is his candidate for our summer series "Correspondent Favorites."