Andy Rooney's Pick: "That's a dumb question"

We should have known better when we asked Andy to pick a favorite piece from the thousand or so he's done for "60 Minutes"

Andy Rooney's Pick: "That's a dumb question"

Here at "60 Minutes Overtime" we had a great idea: each correspondent would choose a piece for a "Correspondent Favorites" summer series, and they all agreed to play along . . . until we contacted Andy Rooney. Andy bluntly told us that it was a dumb idea.

Fortunately, Andy's longtime, trusted colleagues Keith Kulin and Susan Bieber came to our rescue, and each picked a personal favorite.

From the more than 1,000 pieces that have run during the 34 seasons of "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," Keith chose a 1986 piece in which Andy explains his irritation with the excess amount of cotton used in pill bottles. Susie chose a 1997 ode to gardeners in which we learn that while Andy doesn't have much of a green thumb, he admires those who do.

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Our viewers are always curious about Andy and his long-running segment "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," and so here are a "A Few Minutes about Andy Rooney." Even though few of us here at "60 Minutes" can remember a time when Andy wasn't on the show, he had a long reporting career before "60 Minutes." Andy was a newspaper man for "Stars and Stripes" during the World War II; a writer for Arthur Godfrey's variety show and "The Garry Moore Show" in the 1950s; and then he switched to news and public affairs reporting, which included producing pieces for colleague and friend Harry Reasoner. By 1978, he was the Andy we know today - a voice of opinion, candor, and humor here at "60 Minutes."