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And The Winners Are...

Michael and Denise Adolphi, of Catonsville (Baltimore County), Md., are the winners of the Dave Price Primetime Challenge

They say they have been watching CBS The Early Show since Harry Smith started in 1992 and now are big fans of Price.

They entered the Prime Time Challenge contest six times each and were upset to realize that they had missed one other opportunity to enter. They didn't need that extra opportunity. On Tuesday morning, Michael's name was drawn from among the entries.

The Adolphis, who have a golden retriever just like Price's dog Chance, say they are looking forward to meeting and hosting the weather with Price when they come to New York City. And they say they can't wait to meet Smith as well.

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The couple will be staying at New York's newest luxury hotel The Mandarin Oriental with spa treatments included in their three-day, two-night stay. In addition, they will go to a Broadway show.

Impressed by Price performances on primetime, the Aldolphis let Price direct them on Friday's show and practiced from Baltimore a few lines about the weather.

For all you folks out there who blinked while watching CBS last week, Price offered a recap of his appearances on "The King of Queens," "Hack," "Still Standing" and "Yes Dear."

Lying down on the floor Price complained, "I traveled 3,000 miles for this? When I first crawled onto the set of 'Yes Dear,' I was a lowly, facedown, no-dialog, robbery-victim extra."

Then star Mike O'Malley gave him the good news: "You're doing a line!" he said.

To make sure he understood what O'Malley meant, Price replied, "I don't have a line. No, I'm collapsing."

But the "Yes Dear" star reassured him, "I heard if it went well, they'd give you a line."

And sure enough he got one, which gave him extra butterflies. "I'm gonna screw this thing up," he said as he got ready for his scene. "I have one line, I gotta pick up a wallet, and I'm actually nervous about it."

Once it was over, there was love in the air of the set of "Yes, Dear." But in the air around his trailer, it was a whole different story. Price soon found out he was next door to the Men's Room.

Next for him was the set of "Hack" on the top floor of a law firm, right in Philadelphia. So when you look out the windows, you're actually seeing the city where the show is based.

Since this was his first performance as an extra in a drama, he wasn't going to take it lying down as he did on "Yes, Dear." He tried "sitting" instead.

He tried a few poses sitting down, looking professional and even asked the show's star David Morse how he was doing.

Morse was not encouraging, "You want to know what? It was nice having you here, but…"

Soon Price adjusted his pose and convinced him of his acting skills, "No wait; hold on, because I can do better. Let me be man lying on floor. Man lying on floor in law firm. Try me out," he said.

Morse was puzzled, "Well, we don't have a lot of men lying on the floor in the law firm," he noted.

In the end, the producers felt Price's talents were outstanding. Or maybe just "standing," as he had to stand in the hall as Morse walked past him, which made Price wonder and ask the director: "Does anyone, I mean, do you guys want me to cough or something, or maybe go "WHOOOP!" or something like that?"

Since standing worked so well, Price thought he would try standing again as a Chinese restaurant coat-checker on "Still Standing." More confident about his acting skills, he decided to offer the director a little variation and rehearse the scene with emotions of anger.

In a scene with Jami Gertz, he pulled the jacket away from her, shouting "Gimme the damn jacket!" The scene ended with Price shouting, "Get your own damn food, you pigs!

Actor Mark Addy told Price, "I liked it, don't get me wrong, I liked it. But it's just that the powers that be felt that it was, kind of, not that kind of Chinese restaurant."

Sally Struthers pointed out why Price's choice was not the right one, "Because you're not an angry person," she said.

So Price tried to explain, "Well, on television I'm this happy weather man every morning. Waiting to burst out with some other emotion. Another dimension! But every day, it's 'go stand by the weather wall.'"

On the set of "King of Queens," Price gave a moving performance, moving right past star Leah Remini. To get ready for his scene, he asked Remini a few questions:

He asked, "Leah, any specific method you want me to use as I walk by you?

She answered, "Yeah, stay out of my damn way. Don't make direct eye contact with me. And usually, I don't let people stand this close to me. So in the scene, stand a way from me a little bit."

Price wasn't so sure how his scene went so he asked the director, "Do you have some spare time to tell me how I'm doing?

The director replied, "You certainly have a future in dog walking." And kept on walking.

Price calling after said, "Thanks, we'll do lunch! I'll have my person call your person!

But as he walked away, he summed up his Hollywood experience, muttering "I have a dog. I do dog walking every damn day. I wasn't cut out for Hollywood."

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