Anchorbabe or Anchorbomb?

So it's not quite Capulets versus Montagues or Crips and Bloods, but the little spat we have here at Public Eye continues to escalate.

As I reported last month – with the derision I felt it deserved – KTYX, a station in Tyler, Texas has hired a swimsuit model/pro wrestler with no journalism background to be their new anchorwoman. The woman in question, Lauren Jones -- you may remember her from her being the official model of HaterWear clothing -- is going to film her misadventures for an upcoming Fox reality show. I considered it "pathetic" and "sad" and a naked attempt to "exploit its anchorbabe for a handful of extra ratings points."

In a subsequent post, fellow Public Eye'er Brian Montopoli shrugged off the concept, saying it was proof positive that local newscasts are worthless and concluded "stunts like this could help people realize that they're not getting anything worthwhile from their local newscast – and …seek out something better."

Well, Public Eye readers, friend of PE Ed Bark has posted a progress report of the quote-unquote journalist's first week. So it's your chance to watch for yourself. Watch her stammer! See her turn "Smith" into a two syllable word!

Some noteworthy opinions expressed in the piece:

  • "I want to be informed. I don't want to just see a pretty face on TV."(Woman on the street)
  • "What they're doing is making a mockery of every legitimate local news station in the country." (Local competitor)
  • "Not only is she beautiful, but she's as brilliant as she is beautiful. She's putting forth the effort to come through on this." (Colleague)
  • "A bad joke. What on earth is the station thinking?" (Washington Post's Howard Kurtz)

    Okay, so a few of the clips were reassuring – she doesn't always mangle big words – but for the sake (and soul) of journalism, let's hope this doesn't lead to a Maxim Magazine Media Movement.