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"Amazing Race" History is Made

Father-daughter team Steve and Allie were eliminated Sunday night in an episode that saw "Amazing Race" history being made.

For the first time in the game's 16 seasons, a team that came in last in an non-elimination leg was able to finish all the regular tasks and their one extra "speed bump" and still end up as the frontrunners. That is what cowboys Jet and Cord accomplished this week. They were rewarded with a stay at a Mountain resort and spa for their efforts.

Photos: "The Amazing Race"

Meanwhile, Steve and Allie went from first last week to last this week, thanks to a combination of poor choices and bad luck. They appeared to be done in by their wavering over the choice of tasks in the first challenge.

Teams could carry enormous candles up 150 steps and then light them or balance flagpoles on their noses across an esplanade.

They hesitated, temped to follow the other teams to the candles, then chose the flagpoles. Once there, Allie insisted she could not do it, forcing them to go tackle the candles, seriously behind the other teams.

The race through Malaysia also required team to smash coconuts in search of one with a brightly colored interior and then make an offering to be sent out to sea to the deities. "My first arts and crafts project" was the way one of the cowboys summed it up.

Every team appeared to have serious cab problems ths week. What's up with that?

Despite their car trouble, lesbians Carol and Brandy came in second, and detectives Michael and Louie were third to arrive at the pit stop. Next came model Brent and Caite followed by brothers Dan and Jordan.

Next week's race will take the five teams to Singapore.

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