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All 6 officers in Freddie Gray case appear in court

BALTIMORE - A judge is holding a hearing on the admissibility of statements made to investigators by Baltimore police officers charged in connection with Freddie Gray's death.

All six officers appeared Tuesday before Judge Barry Williams, who is to determine whether their still undisclosed statements will be allowed at trial.

CBS Baltimore reports that what the officers told police investigators about Freddie Gray's fateful 45 minute ride through Baltimore -- what they said about each other's conduct, and what they revealed about their own actions -- are now the focus in the latest hearing.

Officer William Porter, the sole officer to waive his appearance at a hearing last month, is in court Tuesday. His trial is to begin Nov. 30. The others facing charges are Edward Nero, Garrett Miller and Caesar Goodson, Brian Rice and Alicia White.

All face assault and reckless endangerment and misconduct in office charges. Porter, Rice, White and Goodson also face manslaughter charges. Goodson, who drove the police van in which Gray was critically injured, faces an additional charge of "depraved-heart" murder.

Five of the six officers charged in Gray's death spoke at length about the ride. The only one who did not is Goodson.

Lawyers now claim those who gave interviews were not read their rights and feared they'd lose their jobs if they refused to talk to internal police investigators.

The officers want the statements thrown out, also saying they violate Maryland's law enforcement officers' bill of rights, which says police cannot be prosecuted for statements they were forced to give on the job.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Porter reportedly told investigators that Gray asked for medical attention, but he wondered if the 25-year-old man was faking his injuries. Porter also reportedly said that Officer Alicia White, who is also charged in the case, knew Gray needed medical attention. That contradicts White's own statement that she had no knowledge of his injuries, reports CBS Baltimore.

New evidence announced in Freddie Gray case 02:41

An autopsy revealed that Gray suffered his life-ending injury likely from the force of impact he sustained while in the back of the police van.

CBS News Justice Reporter Paula Reid reports Officer Caesar Goodson's trial has been set for January 6, Sgt. Alicia White's for January 25, Officer Garrett Miller's for February 9, Officer Edward Nero's for February 22 and Lt. Brian Rice's for March 9.

Judge Barry Williams ruled earlier this month that each officer would get their own trial and all of the trials would be held in Baltimore.

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