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Algerian migrant detained in Germany over Paris attacks

As French and Belgian officials expand the probe into the deadly Paris attacks last week, German authorities are investigating claims that an Algerian man warned fellow migrants last week of an imminent attack in Paris.

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A spokesman for prosecutors in Arnsberg says the unidentified 39-year-old was detained at a refugee shelter in the western German town, after two Syrian men contacted police Saturday.

Werner Wolff confirmed Monday a report by public broadcaster WDR that the man had told the Syrians that Paris would be subjected to "fear and terror."

German newspaper Der Westen reports the Algerian gave the warning to the two Syrians a few days before the Paris attacks, but denied to police he knew about any specific plot. The Algerian man did however express a hatred for France, and warned police something bad would happen in Arnsberg if he were arrested.

Local officials are praising the two Syrian migrants for alerting authorities to the situation, the newspaper reports.

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