Al Qaeda Militants Vow To Retaliate Against Yemeni Government

(Al Qaeda)
Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula, the Yemen Branch, announced the death of a number of its operatives during a police raid on their safe house in Hadramout in eastern Yemen in a statement posted on Internet forums today. The statement claimed that Yemeni security forces raided the home of one of the units of "Al Rahman Brigades" on Monday August 11th and killed a number of operatives including senior commanders Hamza al Quteiy, Abdullah Ali Batisse, and Hassan Bazarea. The group also said that some of the operatives who were present in the house managed to escape, but that security forces nabbed two of the militants who were injured, namely Ali Mohsen al Abkary and Mohammed Saeed Baeweidan. "We promise you a retaliatory operation very soon, and the response is what you see not what you hear," the group warned.