Al Qaeda Chief in Afghanistan Issues Grim Warning To India

(As Sahab)
The leader of al Qaeda in Afghanistan Mustafa Abul Yazid, warned of devastating attacks against India in case of any transgressions against the Muslim people of Pakistan. Abu Yazid said India would "pay a hefty price for such transgression."

"We would mobilize the entire Muslim world with its mujahideen, and strike against your interests everywhere, until you collapse and become bankrupt, the same way America is collapsing and becoming bankrupt today," he added.

Abul Yazid had opened his message by offering his sympathy to Palestinians for the loss of lives and the devastation that was caused by the Israeli aggression on Gaza, saying that al Qaeda would fight the Zionists alongside Palestinians if they could cross the borders and get to Palestine.

He then addressed the Pakistani people and offered his analysis of the current situation on the political arena in Pakistan, labelling Pakistani leaders as "corrupt apostates" and describing President Zardari as a "crook and a traitor."

He also claimed that due to the steadfastness of the mujahideen, the American "crusader campaign" was unable to carry through its plan aimed at dividing Pakistan. Abul Yazid warned of the support that the Americans have been giving to India, especially in the field of nuclear technology. He argued that the U.S. was trying to weaken Pakistan internally, until it becomes possible for India to take it over and divide it into smaller districts.

In a scathing criticism of Pakistan's role in the war on terror, Abul Yazid shamed the government over its weak response in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. He told his audience that sending the Pakistani intelligence chief to Delhi to provide officials there with all the information that they needed, and closing the offices of "jihadi" organizations undermined Pakistan's sovereignty.

Abul Yazid also criticised the Pakistani government for "opening its air space before U.S. drones and providing U.S. Forces with intelligence, in order to let them kill the mujahidin tribal people and their foreign brethren jihadis."

The U.S. has intensified its drone attacks in the Pakistani tribal areas in the past six months killing a significant number of front-line al-Qaeda and Taliban commanders. Since August 31st, the CIA has carried out at least 38 predator strikes in northwest Pakistan compared with 10 attacks in 2006 and 2007 combined. Abul Yazid himself was rumored to have been killed in one of those attacks.

Abu Yazid concluded his message by making an appeal to the various Islamic groups in Pakistan to join the battle against the "crusader campaign" and to the Pakistani people to rise and rebel against their leaders and rulers. "O' Muslims of Pakistan, join your mujahideen brethren, help and support them and don't refrain from sponsoring them and fighting along their side."

The language used by Abul Yazid resembles to a great extent that used by al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri in his message to the Pakistani people last August. Al Zawahiri criticized the Pakistani government at the time and urged Pakistanis to support the jihadi movement