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Al Qaeda-backed train terrorists get life sentences in Canada

TORONTO -- Two men found guilty of plotting to derail a passenger train in Canada with support from al Qaeda have been sentenced to life in prison.

Toronto Justice Michael Code on Wednesday sentenced Chiheb Esseghaier to two concurrent life sentences, as well as an additional 18 years. Raed Jaser was sentenced to life with a concurrent sentence of 13 years.

Courtroom sketches of Raed Jaser (left) and Chiheb Esseghaier who were arrested and charged Monday in what the RCMP said was the first known al Qaeda terror plot in Canada. AP/The Canadian Press/John Mantha

A jury convicted Esseghaier, a Tunisian national, earlier this year of planning to derail a Via train heading from New York to Toronto and four other terror-related charges.

Jaser was found guilty of conspiring to commit murder in support of terrorism and two other charges.

Jaser, who was born in the United Arab Emirates to Palestinian parents but is not an UAE citizen, was living in Toronto when he was arrested.

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