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Al Qaeda and ISI Leaders in Iraq Issue New Statements About Mosul Operations

In a new video posted on the Internet today Abu Omar al Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State of Iraq, which al Qaeda is part of, and his military chief Abu Hamza al Muhajer criticized the Iraqi government's offensive against militants in Mosul.

Al Muhajer, who also holds the title of the head of al Qaeda in Iraq, criticized Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. "The criminal pagan has joined forces with the insatiable Kurd, backed by the Jewish American devil, aided by a group of those who gave up the faith in exchange for government positions or money," he said.

Al Baghdadi, for his part, warned Sunnis that they are facing a major threat and that only "the mujahideen" can help them "O' Sunnis…beware…what's being plotted against you is very serious," al Baghdadi said. "You shall suffer disgrace and humiliation if you walk out on the mujahideen," he added.

The second part of the video was dedicated to a dual suicide operation undertaken by two Kuwaiti operatives named as Abu Omar and Abu Saleh al Ajmi. An Internet report said that the two men had carried out suicide attacks against coalition forces in Mosul last April.

The video showed the two men making their final statements before setting off on their final missions. They were seen calling on all Muslims to join the battle under the banner of the Islamic State of Iraq, before driving off their trucks loaded with explosives.

Footage of the first explosion showed that Abu Omar had detonated his charge before he reached his target. Gunshots were heard prior to the detonation, indicating he might have been hit before reaching it.

Then a second, stronger, explosion was seen from a distance. This attack was carried out by al Ajmi, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who had been repatriated to Kuwait on November 3, 2005. He was taken into custody by Kuwaiti authorities, who released him on bail, while awaiting trial. Al Ajmi was acquitted by a Kuwaiti court on July 22, 2006.