Age: 52

Born: February 24, 1946, Mobile, Alabama

Education: B.A., University of Alabama (1968); J.D., Georgetown University School of Law (1972)

Military: Air National Guard (1968-69)

Family: Married - Lori; Two children

Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama

Religion: Catholic

Career: Lt. Gov. (1995-present); practicing attorney (1972-present); Attorney General (1987-94); Secretary of State (1979-86); Exec. Dir., Alabama Democratic Party (1973-78)

  • An Alabama native, Siegelman was born in Mobile and has lived in the state his entire life. His first job was as a laborer at the Alabama State Docks.
  • Siegelman was elected president of student government at the University of Alabama, where he earned a degree in political science. Upon graduation in 1968, he enlisted in the Air National Guard, where he served for 18 months.
  • While attending law school at Georgetown University, he worked as a Capitol Hill policeman, appointed by former U.S.Senator Jim Allen. He received a law degree from Georgetown in 1972 and then studied international law at Oxford University. After finishing his studies, Siegelman returned to Alabama where he clerked for Judge Robert Vance on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Birmingham. He later served as a prosecutor for the City of Vestavia.
  • Siegelman has been active in politics since he was young. In 1971 he organized voter registration in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, and he worked for the McGovern presidential campaign in 1972. He also served as executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party for five years, beginning in 1973.
  • Siegelman first ran for public office in 1978, when he was elected Secretary of State. He served two terms. In 1984, his wife Lori suffered severe injuries in an auto accident involving a drunk driver, and when Siegelman was lected Attorney General in 1986, he fought for and helped pass tougher drunk driving laws.
  • In 1990, Siegelman made a bid for governor, but he lost the Democratic nomination after placing second in a run-off against Paul Hubbert.
  • Siegelman was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1994. He also has continued to practice law throughout his political career, and he is currently affiliated with the firm Cherry, Givens, Peters, Lockett and Diaz.