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Aiming A Lens At Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is perhaps the most famous nature photographer in the United States, but not many people know much about the man behind the camera.

Filmmaker Ric Burns has directed a documentary, "Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film," and he visited The Saturday Early Show to talk about the project.

Burns describes Adams' work as having " Americanness" about it. He will talk about the process of making the film, which required retracing Ansel Adams' footsteps through the Yosemite Valley. Adams experimented with techniques in photo development, always with the goal of getting a picture "to look how it feels."

Adams' work as an environmentalist and a lobbyist helped convince the White House and the public that American wilderness is worth preserving.

Ric Burns is known for his work on the acclaimed PBS series "The Civil War," which he produced with his brother, Ken, and co-wrote with Geoffrey C. Ward. The film earned him two Emmys. Ric's 1999 PBS series, "New York: A Documentary Film," won an Emmy.

He is currently working on a biographical documentary of playwright Eugene O'Neill for the PBS series, "American Experience."

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