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Ahead of 100-day milestone, Trump says he's "disappointed" with congressional GOP on health care

Trump's first 100 days
Trump's first 100 days 02:35

President Trump said in a new interview airing Friday night that he's not happy with Republicans who control Congress.

In an interview on Fox News' series, "The First 100 Days," host Martha MacCallum asked the president if he's disappointed with how Republicans have handled issues like health care so far.

"Yeah, I'm disappointed," he said. "But many of them like the Freedom Caucus came and I see them all the time, 'We love our President, we're doing this for our president.' You look at that, you look at the moderates, it's the same thing. I'm disappointed."

Budget vote stalls GOP health bill 02:25

Mr. Trump, however, praised Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, for how he's handling his leadership role.

"I'll tell you Paul Ryan's trying very, very hard. I think everybody is trying very hard. It is a very tough system," he said.

MacCallum pointed out that Congress has not passed any major legislation in Mr. Trump's first 100 days in office, but the president disagreed.

"You know that's been wrong, that's really wrong. First of all we had 28 bills," he said.

The president has signed 28 pieces of legislation into law, but none of them is considered particularly significant. Meanwhile, the Republicans' biggest legislative priority -- a repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act -- has so far eluded GOP lawmakers

GOP leaders decided late Thursday that they would delay a vote this week on the revised version of their health care bill. They spent the day lobbying undecided lawmakers and those who are against the new version. Leadership failed to secure enough votes for the original version last month.

This comes after the White House conceded in negotiations over government spending that the administration doesn't need funding for the border wall yet and dropped its threat to halt Obamacare payments.

There's only so much that Republicans can do because of the 60-vote threshold, or filibuster, in the Senate. The upper chamber has 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats. Senate Republicans were able to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court justice after eliminating the filibuster for high court nominations. 

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