After four open-heart surgeries, Hunter Paulin is a "Super Kid"

Hunter Paulin was born with severe heart defects. But he overcame incredible odds, and now he's been named the "NFL Play 60 Super Kid."

(CBS News) One of the star performers at Sunday's Super Bowl is only 10 years old. Hunter Paulin was born with six congenital heart defects. He's not only overcome incredible odds, but now he's been named the NFL Play 60 Super Kid.

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As Paulin runs around, like 10-year-olds are supposed to, you'd never guess what he's been through. His brother, Brandon Paulin, who's watched him endure four open-heart surgeries, said he can describe it in one word: "phenomenal."

That resilience is part of the reason Paulin was picked to be this year's NFL "Super Kid." Not only do he and his family get prime seats to the game, but Paulin will get the adventure of a lifetime -- running the game ball onto the field.

It's also the reason he had a special clinic with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

"Hunter's a stud. He's got more energy than I've ever seen any kid have," said Luck.

Luck is in New Orleans to promote the NFL's 'play 60' program, which encourages kids to get an hour of exercise every day.

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In Paulin's case, he knows that it means no contact sports, but doesn't exclude much else. "The only person I can play tackle with is my brother, and a couple of his friends. They know not to tackle me really hard," he said.

Paulin will carry the game ball onto the field just before Sunday's game, which means he's about to inspire a few million more.