Add Inductive Charging to Any Cell Phone

If you're like me, you look jealously at the Palm Pre's Touchstone wireless charging station and wish that your own phone could charge without being plugged in. Of course, there's also the Powermat for a limited number of devices -- mainly some BlackBerry and iPhones. But what if you could, with a little hacking, make any phone charge wirelessly?

That's what happened over at Hack a Day, where this guy cannibalized parts from a Palm Pre's charging kit to make his HTC HD2 charge inductively.

Let's be totally transparent here: It's not a free hack (you'll need the Palm hardware to make this work) and it takes a little comfort with electronics. But after reading the post and watching the video, I'm convinced this isn't terribly difficult, and is adaptable to most phones. The real benefit here is that it looks like a fun project (if you are entertained by modifying gadgets) that can transform your phone into a convenient wireless charger with relatively little effort some Saturday afternoon.

Have you ever tackled a project like this one? Plan to try this hack? Let us know what you think in the comments.