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Add Dropbox to the Send To Menu

We're huge fans of Dropbox and its no-strings-attached 2GB (or so) of cloud storage. We love the way it integrates itself into Windows Explorer, so you can easily copy files online. And we've recently told you about how you can send files to Dropbox via e-mail and how to share Dropbox with just two clicks.

That's not all the Dropbox magic we have up our sleeves. Follow along as we show you how to add Dropbox to the Send To menu, so you can copy files online with the Windows context menu.

To add Dropbox to the Send To menu in Windows Vista or Windows 7, open a folder and navigate to this location:

Then, right-drag the Dropbox entry in your Favorites list to this SendTo folder and choose Copy.

That's it -- now, you can right-click a file and choose to send it to Dropbox.

For instructions on how to set up the Send To command in Windows XP, check out the full article at HowToGeek.