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Abortion Foes Want To Buy Slain Abortion Doc's Clinic

(AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)
OPEKA, Kan. (CBS/AP) Operation Rescue, the militant anti-abortion group who had harsh words for the slain abortion doctor George Tiller, even after his murder, now wants to buy Tiller's shuttered clinic.

It would be the ultimate irony, and perhaps ultimate statement, for Operation Rescue to turn Tiller's abortion clinic into office space from which they can further their anti-abortion message.

Tiller's family announced Tuesday that his clinic in Wichita was shutting down permanently, effective immediately. The doctor was shot to death May 31.

At the time of Tiller's murder, Operation Rescue found, Randall Terry, did not shy away from calling Tiller a "mass murderer." See below.

Operation Rescue bought another former abortion clinic in Wichita in 2006 for its headquarters. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said the group could use more space.

Asked about Newman's comments, Tiller attorney Dan Monnat called them an "irreverent publicity stunt."

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