A very good reason to stay away from scary spiders

(CBS News) Filming animals and insects in nature can definitely put you in harm's way. Just ask this guy who decided to film a pretty scary-looking spider. Warning: If you have arachnophobia, this may not be the best video for you to watch.  Possibly even if you don't have arachnophobia.

Run for your lives!  Okay, did you all jump when the spider attacked? I'll admit I did. Of course I've got a tinge of arachnophobia (not bad, but enough to keep my distance from scary spiders).

The video was posted by YouTube user James Melton who writes:

Noticed this little fella walking around on my chair and decided to film him. He didn't like that.

Maybe it was a celebrity spider tired of paparazzi attention?  Either way, I would agree he did not like being filmed and hope a lesson was learned by all: stay away from scary-looking spiders.