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A Long Way From Wasilla

Sarah Palin Makes New York Debut But Won't Appear In Public

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(NEW YORK) Sarah Palin rolled into Times Square in style on Monday night. Authorities shut down an entire city block, and onlookers gawked at the vice presidential nominee's motorcade as it rolled across West 45th Street.

But Palin is not in town for any of the usual reasons candidates for national office visit New York City. She won't be yukking it up with David Letterman or appearing at a high-dollar fundraiser on Park Avenue. Instead, Palin will hold meetings with a slew of world leaders and international players to coincide with the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

On Tuesday, she'll hopscotch around town to meet with Afghan President Karzai, Colombian President Uribe and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

Though the Big Apple isn't exactly her natural political base, the NYC tabloids are already eating up Palin's visit with the New York Post blaring the front-page headling: "Sarah Bites Apple Today."

Not to be outdone, the Daily News paid a Palin lookalike to trot around the city, munching on a hot dog outside Rockefeller Center and greeting confused Manhattanites who thought they'd seen it all.

Two of Palin's daughters—Piper (7) and Willow (14)—are in tow after having spent the weekend in Orlando where they visited Disney World.

Piper especially seems to be enjoying her newfound celebrity, as she worked the rope line in Orlando on Sunday, waving to the crowd and even signing autographs. Conquering New York City should be a piece of cake for the precocious seven-year-old.

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