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A-List Stars Now On DVD

This year's Academy Awardswas a celebration of what many had considered a banner year for actresses in Hollywood.

If you missed the performances in theaters, you can catch them now or very soon on DVD. The Early Show's entertainment contributor and People Magazine senior editor Jess Cagle offers the details for the "Home Theater."

It seems hit films are making their way to video store in record time. The Oscar-nominated performances from Holly Hunter, Patricia Clarkson, and Keisha Castle-Hughes were available before the awards were handed out. The next wave is about to become available and it includes Diane Keaton'scomeback and Naomi Watts' invitation to the A-list.

The title "21 Grams" refers to the weight a body looses when a person dies, which may be the weight of the human soul. Naomi Watts plays an affluent wife and mother with a dark past who is dealing with the loss of her family in a fatal car accident. After acclaimed performances in "Mullholland Drive" and "The Ring", Watts received her first nomination for her intense performance.

On March 30, "Something's Gotta Give" makes its way to home video. The film, written and directed by Nancy Meyers, landed 1978 Oscar winner Diane Keaton her fourth Academy Award nomination.

Keaton says, "I think the key issue in Nancy's movie is that this woman thinks she can control life, and in fact, the only way to really experience life, and all it's great joys, is to let go, and letting go is very hard when you are in your mid-50s."

The film, costarring Jack Nicholson and Keaton, is notable for many things: The box office performance proved that the youth-obsessed Hollywood can have a hit geared to an older audience.

And at age 58, Keaton had her first nude scene. She says, "That's the deal, when you get hired. I had to play the part. I had to open up. I had to be not only naked literally, but naked emotionally. And I don't like it one bit and I just hate going there. And at the same time, what is so beautiful about it is that it is transporting when you are in the moment with a great actor and great word and a director, like Nancy, who is your most supportive audience."

The DVD includes Keaton's audio commentary and a deleted scene.

Also being released on March 30 is "House Of Sand And Fog." Shohreh Aghdashloo received her first nomination for playing an Iranian immigrant forced to live in her husband's shadow. While Aghdashloo didn't win the best supporting actress award many, including The New York Times and Rolling Stone, noted that Aghdashloo should have taken home the trophy won for her powerful performance

Supporting actress winner Renee Zellweger's film "Cold Mountain" will be released on DVD on July 6. As for Best Actress Charlize Theron, no date has been announced for her film "Monster," which is still playing in theaters.