A Dream Job For Chocolate Lover

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It would be missing the point to say that 36-year-old Chloe Doutre-Roussel left her last job with a cosmetic company in Paris to move to London this year for a career opportunity. The French woman went to England for love — her love for chocolate.

"Chocolate is my best friend," says Dourtre-Roussel.

Loving chocolate was actually a requirement for the job she had just begun as Chief Buyer and Taster of Chocolate for London's Fortnum and Mason Department store.

"It's a dreamlike thing to be locked in a chocolate shop all night," says Dourtre-Roussel. "And I am locked all day. It's wonderful."

CBS News Correspondent Richard Roth reports Dourtre-Roussel was picked from 3,500 candidates, and she is just learning the stock — from praline to ganache.

Taking inventory at London's Fortnum and Mason Department store could take a hours for Dourtre-Roussel to complete because of the many varieties of chocolates available in the store.

Fortnum and Mason, 300 years old, made its reputation as the British Empire's grocery store. And comprehensive doesn't begin to describe the chocolate department with its 360 different items.

Dourtre-Roussel insists she has never found her passion, now her vocation, as a health risk.

"I eat more than a pound a day and it has been like this for ten years," says Dourtre-Roussel. "And with food in general, it's exactly the same thing. When your body tells you to stop, you stop. When your body tells you, 'ganache not praline,' you go for the ganache. That's all."

It's also her job to travel to buy chocolate overseas and enlighten those who thought chocolate's magic only means it melts in your mouth and not in your hands.

The worst part of the job, she says, will be sampling a few chocolates she doesn't like. But, she explains that it's not such a big downside. After all, it's chocolate.