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A Closer Look At Victims

White supremacist Benjamin Nathaniel Smith turned the Fourth of July holiday into a weekend of terror for residents of Illinois and Indiana. SmithÂ's two-state shooting spree, targeting minorities, left two dead and at least eight injured.

The dead included a black former basketball coach at a prominent Chicago university and a Korean student about to begin doctoral studies in economics. Among the injured was a 15-year-old Orthodox Jew shot while walking to synagogue.

Here is a closer look at the victims:

Ricky Byrdsong, 43
Former Northwestern University basketball coach fatally shot as he walked with his children near his home in Skokie, Ill., a Chicago suburb. Byrdsong, who was black, had been working for an insurance company since he was fired by Northwestern in 1997 after four seasons. He was married with three children.

Won-Joon Yoon, 26

Won-Joon Yoon

Student from South Korea killed outside the Korean United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Ind., on Sunday. He arrived in Bloomington two months ago and was to begin a doctoral program in economics at Indiana University this fall. Recently completed a master's degree in economics at Southern Illinois University. The son of an elder in the Korean church. Was single and a faithful churchgoer.

Ephraim Wolfe, 15

Ephraim Wolfe and father Dr. Robert Wolfe

Orthodox Jewish student shot in the right leg while walking to a synagogue Friday. He will be a sophomore at Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago. An avid basketball player, Ephraim said he did not feel any anger toward the shooter. His father, a doctor, treated some of Benjamin Smith's other shooting victims.

Steven Kuo, 22
Graduate student in engineering at University of Illinois, of Taiwanese descent. Was shot in the right leg while walking home with five female friends Saturday. Listed in serious but stable condition.

Lewis N. Jordan, 31
Black man shot in buttocks Saturday in Springfield, Ill., while crossing the street.

Gideon Sapir, 34
Orthodox Jew shot in the lower back. A former Israeli army captain.

Hillel Goldstein, 34
Orthodox Jew shot in the stomach. A high school teacher in Skokie. Hospitalized in good condition.

Dean Bell, 31
Orthodox Jew shot four times and hospitalized in good condition.

Ian Huper, 31
Orthodox Jew from Skokie. Shot in the right forearm and right side as he was driving.

Eric Yates, 31
Orthodox Jew shot in the leg. A computer consultant.