A Case of Extraordinary Customer Service

Last Updated Jun 29, 2008 12:13 AM EDT

This is a little weekend item about Maui Jim, the sunglass maker. I've had Maui Jims for several years now, but I continue to be blown away by their commitment to customer service and how it makes me feel about their brand. They're not cheap (mine cost about $200 and they can run much more than that) but for the price, you get a relationship with a company with exemplary service.

The latest example: a couple of weeks ago, a friend sat on my sunglasses and badly bent the arms. They were unwearable. For most glasses, that would mean either replacement or an expensive repair. But Maui Jims are different. Originally made for fishermen in Hawaii, they're now a global brand with its main U.S. facility in Peoria, IL. That's where I sent mine for repair. I included $8.95 for return shipping.

They came back today. It would appear that Maui Jim's repair department simply popped my non-prescription lenses out of the bent frame and popped them into a new frame. They came back to me two days after they were repaired, literally as good if not better than new, and for no charge other than shipping.

On the repair statement enclosed with the glasses were these simple words to explain the decision to provide me with brand-new frames: "goodwill gesture."

  • Jon Greer

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