A Boy Or Girl? Learn Gender Sooner

Curious parents don't have to wait 18 weeks any more to learn the gender of their baby.

A North Texas company, IntelliGender, which claims to be the first to offer in-home gender testing, says its test can predict the gender of a 10-week-old fetus in 10 minutes.

Previously, parents had to wait for an ultrasound exam at 18 weeks to learn the sex of the baby, but the new test is changing that.

When filled with urine, the test vessel turns orange if the baby is a girl, or green if the baby is a boy.

The company claims that the test is 90 percent accurate. The test costs around $30 in pharmacies.

But what about twins?

If the babies are fraternal twins, typically, study results indicate that if the test indicates "girl," then you can assume the babies are all girls, according to IntelliGender. If the test results indicate boy, one can assume at least one of the babies is a boy, the company said.

Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen said Tuesday on The Early Show she knows the gender of her baby, but said she's leaving everyone else in the dark -- for now.