A Baby Shamu About To Arrive

Orlando, Florida SeaWorld trainers are on 24-hour standby for the next baby "Shamu" -a n icon among whales at SeaWorld.

It's been a long 17 months of pregnancy for Taima, a 6,000-pound killer whale and she's more than ready to deliver her 350 pound, 7-foot long baby! That could happen at any moment. Taima will be a first time Mom, and she is a relatively young nine years old.

Animal training supervisor Laura Surovik says Taima is getting a lot of "TLC" and some sympathetic words from some trainers, who as mothers themselves, know a little bit about pregnancy.

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A total of seven killer whales have been born at SeaWorld since 1985; this would be number 12 overall for all SeaWorld parks. The others are in San Antonia, Texas; San Diego, Calif.; and Aurora, Ohio.

SeaWorld Public Relations Manager Becca Bides, in Orlando, says that if you come to see the new baby whale but arrive too early, you won't be disappointed. There are two other younsters in the park to visit.

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