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8 Sectors Tipped to Grow in 2009

We've heard a lot about which sectors are struggling. But which industries are destined for greatness?

Here are some of the predictions that emerged from a gathering of Silicon Valley and European entrepreneurs at the eighth annual "Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford" event at Said Business School.

Biz Stone, co-founder, Twitter: Real-time products... "And more blimps".

Saul Klein, partner, Index Ventures and co-founder, Seedcamp: Global Web ventures -- there will be a greater recognition of emerging market entrepreneurship.

Gerald Jay Sanders, founder, San Francisco Science: Medical technology -- particularly innovations that focus on effective outpatient treatments and non-invasive approaches.

Maria Sendra, Baker & McKenzie: Clean-tech companies and innovations, particularly in China, India and Spain. There's growing interest from utility companies, which won't initiate change themselves but are hungry for innovation.

Chris Sacca, venture investor and formerly Google's head of Special Initiatives: Monetisation hasn't been solved yet, and there's potential for integration of old-school CRM with newer systems. It's sort of thing that can be built by three people with today's technology.

Also tipped for growth:

Mobile technology still has plenty of promise for investors and innovators alike.

Lead generation. It's unsexy, but has great cashflow potential.

Services for an ageing population. Boomers are living longer, are more active and have money to spend.

The panel also had this advice. Invest in yourself, which means everything from staying fit and healthy to energetic networking. Someone there also reminded the assembled business students of the importance of just being more mindful of what's going on around you generally -- that might mean changing the watercooler or stepping in to help a colleague who is struggling to complete a project.

(Photo: Audreyjm529,CC2.0)