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5 things your waiter won't tell you

Want to know what really goes on inside a restaurant's kitchen?

CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg has learned a lot about the business from his extensive travels and he revealed some not-so-tasty secrets with the five things your waiter won't tell you.

1. The fish isn't fresh on Monday

And that also means you might want to avoid the oysters and shellfish on Sunday as well. Chances are it came in on Friday. Ever wonder why so many sushi restaurants are closed on Mondays? About the only time you can overlook that rule is in seafood-focused restaurants, but only in coastal cities.

2. "The special" isn't always that special

The "special of the day" is often made with ingredients they're trying to get rid of. That's especially true with stews and casseroles.

3. Watch out for Sunday brunch items

This is where a lot of stuff that wasn't sold the day or two before becomes a "platter." And the eggs at that buffet - unless you actually see them cooked to order - are usually made from a powder.

4. Beware of non-vegetarian ingredients in vegetarian meals

Vegetarians beware! Even if you order what they tell you is a vegetarian meal, that doesn't mean all the ingredients are. French onion soup is often made with beef stock; fried foods may be cooked in animal lard. Your waiter might not tell you because, in this case, your waiter might not even know. So get your waiter to ask the chef.

5. Coffee is likely decaf at night

By nighttime, the coffee is likely decaf. Whether you order caffeinated or decaf, most of the time, decaf is all they have left, unless you specifically ask them to brew you a new pot of regular.

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