5 More Things That are Wrong with Your Resume (and How to Fix Them)

Last Updated Sep 24, 2009 11:12 PM EDT

Round these parts, we are all too well aware of the Jobpocalypse. For example, the refrigerator box that Rick lived in was recently repossessed, and now he dines daily on the $2 Swedish meatball platters at IKEA.

To help him -- and you -- out, I've rounded up a few new resume tips for you that might seem to go against traditional resume wisdom:

  1. It doesn't have to fit on one page. This advice applies to new college grads who have nothing substantive to say. You've been in the workforce for how long now? Use two pages if you have to.
  2. Skip the objective. The hiring manager is more covered with what you can do for her, not what she can do for you.
  3. Skip "References available upon request." Um, isn't this obvious? Prepare your list of references and just hang onto it until you're asked for them.
  4. Send it as a PDF, not a Word document. This way you are absolutely assure that it will appear the way you intended it, no matter what kind of settings or style sheets the hiring manager is using.
  5. List jobs in relevance order, not chronological order. You want to present your best foot forward, not simply show that you have the most feet.
These tips come courtesy of Divine Caroline.

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