48 Hours: Your Money Or Your Life

Would You Break The Law To Save Your Life?

Conducting a year-long investigation, 48 Hours uncovered a black market organ transplant trade in the U. S. and abroad. More than 80,000 Americans will need transplants this year, and thousands will go unfulfilled due to a severe shortage of organ donors, But few in the medical field will discuss the controversial trade in human organs. In a world exclusive, 48 Hours reveals a thriving business in human organs.

Interested In Donating?
Get all the information about how to become an organ donor.
Black Market Business: Some Americans who need kidney transplants are going abroad to buy kidneys on a thriving market. 48 Hours investigates.

A Gift Of Life: Kenny Franciscus found out he needed a new liver or he would likely die. The waiting lists for transplants were long. Then a member of his church volunteered to make the sacrifice. Would it work?

A Second Chance At Life: A revolutionary new artificial heart may one day be as common as a pacemaker. Will the device help save the life of a retired oilfield worker?