48 Hours Presents: Live To Tell

New Series Features First-Hand Accounts From People Who Looked Death In The Eye And Refused To Give In

In "Live To Tell," a new, three-episode series from the producers of 48 Hours Mystery, each broadcast delivers an unfiltered, first-hand account from extraordinary individuals who came face-to-face with death and, in their darkest hours, found the strength, grit and resourcefulness to persevere.

"These are emotional, gripping stories of people who should be dead, but refused to give in," says executive producer Susan Zirinsky. "Told in their own words, the series is different from what 48 Hours viewers may be used to, but remains loyal to the style of experiential journalism that our broadcast has become known for."

"Live To Tell" represents another facet of the 48 Hours' brand, which has expanded to include various primetime specials and unique collaborations with independent filmmakers, such as the award-winning "9/11," "In God's Name" and "Flashpoint," among many others.

Black Wave, Saturday, Feb. 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT:
A family's decision to sail the world takes a life threatening turn when they hit a reef.

With her husband, John, pinned under a fallen mast, Jean Silverwood must choose between saving her husband or their four children.

It is an unbelievable yet true tale of physical and emotional rescue.

River's Edge: College students Danielle Keener and Dan Zapp were out on a peaceful date, unaware at first that they are being stalked.

They are suddenly kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a truck. The gunman brutalizes Danielle and pushes the teens to the edge of a river, shooting them both in the face.

The gunman thinks he's gotten rid of his witnesses… but he's wrong.

These teens outsmarted their would-be killer, playing dead to stay alive and tell their story.

"The Year We Disappeared,": Cylin Busby recalls the dreadful night in 1979 when her father, a police officer, was ambushed and shot point blank in his car. Immediately the children went and hid in the attic, convinced that they were next, until a team of police officers stormed the house and kept guard.

John Busby was convinced that a local thug, Melvin Reine, was behind the attempt on his life and that the would-be killer would not stop until Busby and his family were all dead. Determined to exact his revenge and protect his wife and children, Busby overcame harrowing odds and survived the shooting.

Reine struck fear in the residents and police of Cape Cod long before the shooting. A convicted arsonist, Reine was suspected of murdering three people, but continued to walk free. As time went on, the Busbys realized that Reine's power over the town would never cease and that he would never be brought to justice.

Practically forced to leave the town, the Busbys went on the run, living in fear, changing their appearance and never divulging their past. Over the years, the family moved six times until, in 2003, the unexpected happened. It is a story of a horrific crime and the long-awaited justice that no one could predict.