Live To Tell: River's Edge

Two College Students Fake Death In Order To Cheat Death

College students Danielle Keener and Dan Zapp were out on a peaceful date, unaware at first that they are being stalked.

They are suddenly kidnapped at gunpoint and forced into a truck. The gunman brutalizes Danielle and pushes the teens to the edge of a river, shooting them both in the face.

The gunman thinks he's gotten rid of his witnesses… but he's wrong.

Danielle Keener: In January of 2000, I was a college freshman at Susquehanna University. I was 18 years old. I was on a second date with Dan Zapp, who was a college freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. My mom had a suggestion for us to maybe just walk around my town; go down to the marina [outside York, Pa.] We just stopped and were talking. We started picking up some stones, and trying to skip some stones.

Well, as we were there, a red pick-up truck came up and stopped by us. And out comes this guy and he pulls a dog out - Rottweiler. He was asking us if we needed a ride and we, of course, politely declined.

He seemed normal. He got back in his truck and as we continued walking - this guy must have turned his truck around behind us. And he comes up next to us off to our right and blocks our path.

He immediately comes out of the truck with a gun pointed at us. He pointed it right at us and said, "Get in the f-ing truck."

And he was dead serious. At that moment I felt like I had entered a nightmare. It seemed completely unreal.

I remember Dan next to me was just saying, "Here, take my wallet; take my keys, my car. I can give you my car, there's a laptop in my car - just started offering him all these things or whatever. And he's like, "No, I don't want those things. Get in the truck."

It felt like we were driving forever. It felt like an eternity. At this point, this guy was just ranting and raving. He was just acting crazy. Completely crazy.

We just didn't want to be hurt so, of course, we were saying, "Whatever you want us to do, we'll do. Just please just let us go." And he eventually turned left onto this dirt road.

The three of us were standing there next to his truck. The river's in front of us and he's kind of pacing back and forth and has the gun in his hand, and to emphasize his points, he would kind of shoot the gun - shoot the gun towards the river - like "I don't know what to do" BANG. "You guys have seen my face. What am I going to do with you guys?" BANG.

When I first heard the gunshot go off it became more serious. This guy has the potential to end my life. I thought we were both going to die.