4-year-old girl probably knows comic books better than you

(CBS News) Let me go ahead and state that I'm an unabashed fan of comic books. I've been engaged in the adventures of the X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Punisher and (my personal favorite) Batman, along with so many more, since I was the age of three. And despite decades of knowledge and experience under my belt, I have a feeling that the young girl in this video above could easily school me with her comic book knowledge almost any day of the week. Check it out.

I mean... did she seriously name the Infinity Gems? Marvel may not always be my strongest suit, but that's just impressive! The spectacular display on an array of comic book characters and history was posted by YouTube user DaddyDadBlog (aka Skip Montross) who writes:

Mia Grace impresses Mom (and Dad) with her amazing 4 year old knowledge of Marvel Super Heroes.
If I were Mia Grace's dad right now, I can't begin to express how proud of her I'd be after this candidly cute exchange. (Though do wonder how other family members may feel...) A big triple-rainbow salute of geek-tastically awesome goes out to Mia Grace from us here at The Feed, and major props go out to her father for teaching her right and sharing this moment with us all!