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20 friends pull off elaborate trick shot dunk, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include an over-the-top basketball trick shot and a puppy going loopy for its leash.

With over 15 million subscribers, Ryan Higa is YouTube royalty. For his latest creation, he grabbed 20 of his friends and set up this ultimate trick-shot dunk. The one-take video took three days of planning and 137 attempts to get right. In the end -- he still misses. But, that was the point all along.

Susanna Richards posted this video of Ranger, a Welsh Corgi puppy in hot pursuit of his leash. When the video begins, Ranger is already chasing the restraint round and round. And, when it ends, over a minute later, Ranger is still at it, stuck in his own blissful, infinite loop.

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