2-Year-Old Toddler Tested Positive for Meth; "Mom of the Year" Heather Roe Arrested

(Howard County Criminal Justice )
KOKOMO, Ind. (CBS) Indiana mom Heather Roe was arrested Wednesday after her 2-year-old daughter tested positive for methamphetamine, police said.

Photo: Heather M. Roe charged with neglect of a dependent.

The 25-year-old mother is charged with felony neglect of a dependent, Kokomo police told CBS News' Crimesider.

According to Indiana station WRTV, when police were called to the home to check on the welfare of the girl Roe told them her daughter accidentally drank from a cup containing the illegal substance, methamphetamine, which was left on the counter of the home she was visiting.

Roe tested positive for the drug at a local hospital and was taken into state custody, according to WRTV. She faces a charge of illegal possession of anhydrous ammonia, an ingredient used in the making of meth, in connection with a 2008 arrest.