2 Simple Ways to Lower Your Printing Costs

According to The Recycler, corporations spend between 1% and 3% of their annual revenue on printing. Apparently, paper and ink charges can add up over the course of a year. It only makes sense, then, that we try to reduce printing costs to improve the bottom line.

One easy -- and obvious -- way to reduce printing costs is to simply reduce the amount of printing you do. More and more, it's easy to save documents as PDF or Word files and share them that way rather than ever printing them at all. But when you have content that you absolutely, positively must print, I've got two tips for you: A way to effortlessly save ink, and a method for reducing the amount of paper you consume.

Save ink with Ecofont. We've told you about Ecofont before. It's a font based on Verdana, but has microscopic holes drilled in it that reduce ink consumption by about 25%. Alas, while Ecofont was once free, now you have to invest in the greening of your printer (price varies by number of seats in the license). On the plus side, you don't have to change anything about your workflow to use Ecofont -- you don't even need to select a different font. The software automatically ensures that Ecofont is used when printing, no matter what font you use when laying out the document. Check out the Web site for more information.

Save paper with GreenPrint. Likewise, here is a way to conserve paper. Surely, you've noticed that people waste an extraordinary amount of paper when printing. Try printing a Web page, for example, and you'll get lots of pages with images, navigation controls, and other garbage that you don't care about. It's almost always easier to just print and trash than to select and print on the stuff you need. GreenPrint can solve that problem. This program lets you easily preview your print job and choose only the pages you care about for printing. Priced at only $19, it should pay for itself with your first ream of paper. [via PC World]

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