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10 life hacks you need to know for a better summer

(CBS News) We here at The Feed are all about "life hacks" that make living easier. So when we came across this item above focused on making your summer even better, there was no question that it had to go up immediately. Watch, listen and learn, people.

The incredibly useful seasonal tips and tricks comes courtesy of Grant Thompson, who has been featured a few times previously, and who writes about his list of latest:

In this video you'll see how to;
-Modify your water bottles so you get instant icy cold drinks every time
-Get rid of ants using popcorn kernels (Natural and non-toxic pest control)

-Turn your snack bags into custom snack bowls
-Eliminate fruit flies
-Make a secret container for hiding your valuable items at the beach
-Eat a giant hamburger the right way, so the bottom doesn't fall out
-Keep a straw in your can of soda so it doesn't float out
-Prepare a Mango so you don't get fiber and pulp stuck between your teeth
-Modify your popsicles to prevent dripping, and sticky fingers
-Speed up the lines, and cut down on the mess with condiments at BBQ's
I swear, that tip hamburgers hooked me from the get-go. (It just makes so much sense!) But then to super-size this summer combo with tricks involving soda, popsicles, insects and more: priceless! And to check out even more amazing "life hacks" from Grant Thompson, be sure to see our previous posts on him by clicking here or you can go to his YouTube page by clicking here.
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