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10 Killer Travel Apps for BlackBerry

Still using your BlackBerry only for mundane tasks like calls and e-mail? Time to get with the third-party program, people! There are apps aplenty for your 'Berry, many of them designed to make travel easier and more fun.

In fact, PC World just rounded up 10 must-have BlackBerry travel apps. It's a solid list, including navigation app TeleNav (pictured) and Cortado Flight Mode:

RIM's BlackBerry OS "condenses" e-mail messages to reduce strain on wireless networks and speed up delivery. That's all fine and good. But there's nothing more frustrating than trying to read an important e-mail in-flight only to find it was cut off mid-message. Cortado's $3 Flight Mode app for BlackBerry downloads all additional content needed to view "truncated" or shortened BlackBerry e-mail before you turn off your device for flight.

I was glad to see the inclusion of Amazon's new Kindle app for BlackBerry, along with the Pandora Internet-radio app -- though I will profess to preferring the similar (but better) Slacker for BlackBerry.

Your turn, 'Berry bunch: What apps do you find indispensable in your travels? Name 'em in the comments.

By the way, if you're an iPhone user, be sure to check out Dave's seven essential apps for traveling with your iPhone.

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