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Vikings OTAs Include Learning New Offensive Coordinator

EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Vikings off-season workouts include an introduction to a new offensive coordinator.

John DeFilippo is now that man. He's got some thoughts on Xs and Os, and some thoughts on what you need to bring to the field every day.

He may have found this opportunity by helping Philadelphia beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. But now it's his job to perform for the Vikings. He has served in this role before, but in Cleveland.

"Was it a great situation at the time? No. Was it perfect? No. But at the same time, I think it really helped you prepare how to coach," DeFilippo said.

So it starts with impressions of his quarterback. Kirk Cousins.

"The ball jumps off his hand better than I expected to be quite honest with you. I mean he can drive the football to the perimeter," DeFilippo said. "You need that to play quarterback in the National Football League."

DeFilippo is, without a doubt, a coach on his way up. Looking to build his resume, and eventually be a head coach. With that, this is a very important job for him. To prove to the players that he's worthy.

For this new teacher and new pupils, it means setting a tone. For many, this is the third offensive coordinator in the last three seasons.

"All of the guys have been different. You know every guy I've had each year has brought something different to the table," Stefon Diggs said. "Coach Flip is definitely a new one for me, and I like playing for him as far as I bring up energy a lot. He's one of those guys that gives you positive energy and as a coach, he gets me going."

That's what "Coach Flip" wants, a buy-in, because he believes in the process.

"That's just the way I know how to operate on the field. I want guys that have fun out here but at the same time, be competitive," DeFilippo said. "And learn and get better each day."

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