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"Quarterback," featuring Vikings passer Kirk Cousins, now available on Netflix

"Madden 24" trailer features lowlight of Vikings QB Kirk Cousins
"Madden 24" trailer features lowlight of Vikings QB Kirk Cousins 00:44

MINNEAPOLIS -- Kirk Cousins, whose most well-known off-the-field antics include driving an old van, overcooking steaks and waxing poetic about mortality, may not be the most obvious fodder for a Netflix series. Nevertheless, he's part of the triumvirate of NFL passers featured in Netflix's "Quarterback," which is now available for streaming.

Cousins' introduction on the show focuses on the gulf between his statistical accomplishments and actual success.

"Started a lot of games in this league, thrown for a lot of yards," Cousins said. "But I want a lot more than just one playoff victory."

The first episode also highlights his reputation as the NFL's resident cornball. He admits his wife dresses him and discusses the many memes he's inspired, including his iconic "You like that!" scream.

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Cousins shares the highs and lows of his adjustment to new head coach Kevin O'Connell's system and his, uh, favorite Margaret Thatcher quote.

"I love this quote by Margaret Thatcher that says, 'If my critics saw me walking on water, they would say it's because I can't swim,'" Cousins said.

The show also features the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and the Atlanta Falcons' Marcus Mariota.

All eight episodes are now available to stream.

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