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Dozens stranded after ice breaks on Upper Red Lake

35 people rescued from ice chunk on Upper Red Lake
35 people rescued from ice chunk on Upper Red Lake 00:34

BELTRAMI COUNTY, Minn. — Responders are working to rescue as many as 50 people stranded on ice on Upper Red Lake Sunday evening.

According to Beltrami County, approximately 40-50 people became stranded on ice that broke away from the shore after strong winds caused the ice to shift.

Responders worked into Sunday night to get everyone safely back to shore.

Kelliher Fire & Rescue

"Upper Red Lake is a very popular fishing destination, frequently utilized before ice is stable resulting in the need to rescue people either from falling through the ice or floating on ice floats," said Christopher Muller, Beltrami County public information officer.

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says at least four inches of ice is needed before going out on a lake.

Clear ice is the safest on a lake, and 5 to 7 inches of ice is needed for snowmobiles and small ATVs. The DNR added that 7 to 8 inches is needed for side-by-sides, and 9 to 10 inches is necessary for a small vehicle or SUV to go out on the ice.

The DNR has a list of ice thickness guidelines, which you can see here.

Last year, over 200 anglers were rescued after a large ice chunk broke free on Upper Red Lake.

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