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Minnesota deputy honored for fiery rescue on Interstate 94

A deputy is being honored after his heroic rescue this summer
A deputy is being honored after his heroic rescue this summer 01:55

MINNEAPOLIS — A Washington County Deputy is being honored for life-saving heroics.

Deputy Chris Majeski, a 20-year veteran, helped rescue a man from his smoldering truck after a head on collision in June. All of it was captured on camera.

"Kind of like a movie scene, it wasn't even really real at the time," said Majeski.

The fiery crash was the result of a wrong-way drunk driver on I-94 in the overnight hours, not far from Hudson, Wisconsin.

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The drunk driver died, the other driver inside a semi, unconscious.

"So I'm yelling for his attention," said Majeski.

With an engulfed truck, fumes filling the air, and that fuel leaking toward the fire, Deputy Majeski knew he had to act quick.

"Time was of the essence to get this guy out of his car," he said.  

Deputy Chris Majeski saves man from fiery crash WCSO

With the driver was going on and out of conscious, Majeski pulled him towards his squad car.

"I kind of went over the median, I grabbed him with my one hand, my other hand, and I dragged him over the median. While doing so now, the passenger compartment of the semi is completely engulfed in fire," said Majeski.

Eventually, Majeski got the man out of harms way. The rescued driver came away with only a concussion from the accident.

"Thankfully the ambulance came, they brought him to the hospital and he made a complete recovery," he said.

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The deputy receiving a high honor from the sheriff's office this fall: the Medal of Valor.

"The highest award you can get," said Majeski. "It all happened for a reason."

Deputy Majeski received more honors earlier this week. He received a life-saving award from the Minnesota Sheriff's Association.

It's all thanks to his training both as a deputy, and volunteer firefighter, said Majeski. Just happening to be in the right place, at the right time.

"It all worked out for the best, to get that guy out in the manner we did," he said.   

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