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Woman Distracted By Phone Falls Into Sidewalk Hole

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NEW JERSEY (CBSMiami) - We all know it is can dangerous to be on your cell phone while you're behind the wheel.

Well, a woman in Plainsfield, New Jersey found out the hard way it can be equally as dangerous if you're looking at your phone while walking.

A utility crew was doing work on the lines and left the sidewalk cellar doors open.

Surveillance video shows the woman walking down the sidewalk in front of a row of stores, headed straight for the cellar doors. Just before she gets to them, she pulls out her phone and looks down at it. Seconds later she walked right into one of the doors, flipped over it and fell about six feet.

Two women walking by were stunned by what they saw and the worker in the cellar rushed to help the woman.

"Somebody was telling me, it was oh my God, unbelievable, you know. It's something that could happen at any minute because everybody's texting," said Patricio Romero who works on the block.

A fire rescue crew pulled the 67-year-old woman out of the basement on a stretcher. She was taken to the hospital with what were said to be serious injuries.


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