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Woman Accused Of Murdering Officer All Smiles At Evidence Hearing

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Incarcerated ten months since her arrest for murder Tiniko Thompson was all smiles, waving and mouthing hellos to family members during a hearing to determine which evidence will and won't be allowed at trial.

Thompson is charged in connection to the death of her boyfriend, Miami Police officer Carl Patrick. He was found dead in their Pembroke Pines home in May 2014.

"There was a video on the deceased's phone where she was talking about being pregnant," Detective Carl Heim in court on Friday.

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Patrick believed Thompson was pregnant when she moved into his Pembroke Pines home the summer of 2013.

"In the residence, there was some baby furniture and car seats and things like that," said Heim.

Thompson admitted to police there was no pregnancy and a homicide detective told a judge that may have been a motive for murder.

"The reason why she was allowed to move into his house is because she was pregnant with his baby and then he was trying to get her to leave the house so that might have caused an argument or whatever and that could have been a part of what occurred in his life being taken," said Heim.

The judge is deciding whether Thompson's medical records will be part of her trial to prove or disprove whether there ever was a pregnancy.

In a televised interview, Thompson said the shooting was an accident.

"I did my best to hold on and struggle with him and like he said that point when we got onto my side, rolled back to my side, he fell, he slipped, and he fell and I was still backed into a corner and we still tussling with the gun and at that moment, he just turned this way and it went pow. That's it," said Thompson.

The judge made no ruling on the medical records on Friday but he did decide that any statements Thompson made to police after her arrest while she was in custody will not be admitted at trial.

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