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Raging Krome Avenue Grass Fire Has Burned 6,500 Acres

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A monster grass fire is raging just off of Krome Avenue, so far burning more than 6,500 acres.

"Everything was black, really. Completely. It was very scary," said Carmen Gomez.

David Rosenbaum, a mitigation specialist with the Florida Forest Service said crews are stationed around the fire but there aren't many homes or businesses within miles, so they're going to let it keep burning. Their main goal is to keep it away from Krome Avenue.

"What can happen is as the fire continues to burn the smoke can shift and blow the smoke towards Krome Avenue which is right beside us. That's the big concern," explained Rosenbaum.

Just 20 minutes Southeast from this fire, South Florida's windy and dry conditions are fueling a brush fire in west Miami-Dade for another day.

More than 627 acres have been burned in the area of SW 8 Street and SW 137 Avenue.

The fires more than doubled in size from the day before after jumping a canal.

According to the Florida Forest Service, they were about 95 percent contained.

Crews are challenged by the rough terrain in this area.

As firefighters battle it on the ground and water drops are being done from the air. The good news is that a shift in the wind is moving the fires back towards areas that have already burned, this could be a key to extinguishing them.

Those who live in the area said they were used to this.

"It is scary because there are a lot of families nearby and homes and businesses, so it is scary and I hope they have it under control," said Gabriella Ramirez

"It's burned really bad before and this seems kinda bad, I'm a little nervous, but we've seen it worse," said Charles Petitti.

While no injuries have been reported, those with respiratory problems could be bothered by the smoke.

Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter recommends "minimizing exposure to outside air, like closing your doors and windows" as well as "utilizing the AC in the house" to deal with the stifling smoky conditions.


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