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Wade Helping Heat On The Court & On The Runway

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has been a superstar on the court for years, but it's what he does off the court that has him being recognized by Vogue magazine.

Vogue singled Wade out as one of the most well-dressed athletes in the U.S. For Wade, he's long been the fashion guru of the Heat and now more people are starting to take notice.

"My fashion is whatever comes, I try to do," Wade told CBS4. "I try to stay with the trends; and I start trends. It's just trying to be comfortable in what you are and who you are."

Wade's running buddy in Miami, LeBron James, approved of Wade's inclusion into the Vogue magazine spread, as did Udonis Haslem.

"D-Wade is known as the fashion guy. I think it's great," LeBron said.

"He's definitely taken on the fashion thing," Haslem said. "At the same time, as long as it doesn't affect what he does when he comes out here and handles his business on the court, he can dress however he wants to dress."

Wade was asked about the latest trend in fashion, the so-called "nerd look."

"I'm not going to say whose idea it was. It's just. Somebody did it," Wade said with a grin. "I ain't going to say who did it. Somebody did it."

Wade continued saying it was something he did as far back as high school. When pressed on whether it was cool to wear glasses, Wade had a quick answer.

"When I did it in high school it was cool," Wade said laughing. "Because when I did it they didn't have the rims."

Wade said his glasses aren't prescription, but that he puts them on mainly when he's reading books and other things. Wade said that things like glasses or the nerd look shouldn't be frowned upon by kids.

"It is cool [to look smart]," Wade said. "When you go out and try to talk to kids you try to let them know it's cool to be smart. It's cool to be educated."

Wade still may have some work to do with his teammates.

"Once we got UD out of the baggy, baggy pants, I know we can get anyone out of them," Wade said.

Udonis didn't quite see eye-to-eye with Wade's assessment of his fashion sense.

"He didn't get me out of that [baggy clothes]," Udonis said laughing. "It was just a time for change. I'm getting a little older now. You gotta dress a certain way as you get older."

Udonis continued to poke fun at Wade's style in fun.

"My pants still ain't as tight as his," Udonis said. "I don't buy my pants with the wedgie already in them, tailor-made wedgies."

Wade said he does have stylist and that he needs one because "as much as I love fashion, I can't focus on it all the time. I got another job."

But Wade was more than willing to give CBS4's Jim Berry a fashion assessment.

"You're looking like it's an off day," Wade said jokingly. "You know it's an off-day, nothing really going on in the news. This [what Berry had on] is nice, maybe a little more fitted."

As for LeBron, he didn't mince words when he discussed his look.

"I don't have a look," LeBron said. "I'm all over the place. What's up with all these fashion questions? I'm outta here [as he walked away with a smile on his face]."

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