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Video Captures Husky Being Stolen From Hollywood Backyard; Owners Reunited With Zora

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Dog owners say criminals are getting very brazen, going to extreme lengths to steal their pricey pets, but luckily one of those dogs and their owners were reunited and CBS4 was there when it happened.

"Zora baby, I miss you," said Matthew Valencia as he hugged his nine-month-old husky Zora who had been missing for two days.

"They cut a big hole right in my metal fence, they had big wire cutters. I guess one held the hole open and you can see on the video the other one struggling, and Zora struggling and finally, they shoved her through the fence," added Valencia.

Surveillance video posted on social media shows the suspects in action, pushing the dog through the fence. There is even a picture of their faces. And, things got even worse, Matthew and his roommate Greg Kenyon say someone tried to extort them for Zora's safe return.

"They were messaging us on an IG account and was like hey we have your dog, we can sell it can sell it back to you for $2000," said Kenyon.

Desperate to get Zora back, they agreed, and when a car pulled up things got really interesting.

"He opened up his door and all of a sudden Zora came running out she went running straight to my door," said Valencia.

No money had to be exchanged and they have their baby back. But this is just one of two dog similar dog thefts in the last several days.

In a separate incident, surveillance video shows a thief going into someone's front door, grabbing a two-month-old husky, and then jumping the fence to getaway.

Antoinette Rey runs the Cutler Bay Lost Dogs Facebook page and she says she's seen an uptick in the number of a pricy dog being taken.

"I'm getting constantly being tagged post of Huskies, Yorkies, and Frenchies, those are the top three dogs being taken right now," added Rey.

Anyone with information about any of these dog snatchings should call the Hollywood police.

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