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Guns Found At Brownsville Middle School, 4 Students Arrested

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Four students at Brownsville Middle School have been arrested after two loaded weapons were found at that school.

One of those arrested may be a sixth grader, according to police.

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Miami-Dade Schools Police Lt. and spokesman Raul Correa told CBS4's Peter D'Oench that the students were charged with possessing a loaded firearm on school grounds.

The situation prompted some tense moments at the school at 4899 N.W. 24th Ave. Anxious parents who heard the news rushed to the school and saw dozens of Miami-Dade schools police officers as well as a special Miami-Dade Police K-9 that was brought in to search for additional weapons.

A police officer was also seen leaving the school with two backpacks that may have contained the weapons. She was seen placing the backpacks into the back of her police car and leaving the school immediately.

Correa was not certain what type of weapons were brought to the school. Correa said detectives were still piecing together what happened at the school. There was an initial report that one gun was found on a student and another weapon was found in a backpack.

D'Oench also spoke with one student who said she saw a fellow 6th grader waving one of the guns around. That student's identity was withheld for their protection.

"A boy in school was waving around the gun and someone told the principal about it. He wanted to show a friend his gun. I was frightened," she said.

"This is proof of our see something, say something initiative," said Correa. "Earlier today we had officers out at school doing random metal detection searches and some juveniles started saying some classmates possibly had weapons. We uncovered two loaded firearms."

"My reaction as a law enforcement officer is that our program is working when kids say something," said Correa.

No one was hurt and the special K-9 discovered no other weapons near the school.

Correa said the four youngsters who were arrested are cooperating. The school was on lockdown for a few hours.

One parent of a 7th grader, who identified herself as "Michelle," said "I'm upset about it. I'm tired of it. Every time you turn around there are guns all over this place. It's a concern because kids are trying to get an education."

Angela Dowten, the godparent of a 6th grade student, said "I feel there should be more mandated rules. I feel they should have more protection, more security, maybe metal detectors and more assistance to tell them when guns are on campus."

Eighth grader, Sno White, said, "I was worried about kids getting hurt."

His grandmother, Kathy Reneau, said "I was alarmed. Where did they get the guns? How did they get here? It has to start at home somewhere."



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